Retractable Screens in Yorba Linda

Retractable Screens in Yorba Linda

Retractable Screens, Boosting Your Home’s Decor! – Yorba Linda, CA

Your home is your refuge.  You expect your home to be relaxing.  When sunlight and heat enter your home through exposed windows, being relaxed becomes virtually impossible.  When heat and sunlight land on your furnishings and are overexposed, the damage will gradually occur.  Blinds and curtains decorating your windows will help in reducing the amount of damaging sunlight but are ineffective against invasive heat.

The Screen Queens, of Yorba Linda, CA, offers a full line of screens to help with the problem of excessive heat and sunlight, while successfully reducing your energy bills and enhancing the home’s design.  The Screen Queens offer a free consultation and estimate upon request, for every Yorba Linda homeowner.  Contact us today!


Fixed Screens vs Retractable Screens – the Yorba Linda Debate?

Often debated in homes across America, Southern California, and Yorba Linda.  A debate centered around which type of screen is better, a fixed or retractable screen.  Many Yorba Linda homeowners are ambivalent.  Many other homeowners are hard set against screens because they feel they distract from their beautiful Yorba Linda view. However, screens are a necessary barrier to safeguard you from mosquitoes and other unwanted bugs for your continued enjoyment.

Your individual feelings and inclinations are the deciding factor deciding between installing a fixed screen or a retractable screen system.  The Screen Queens are focused on making sure they are addressed.

Customarily, fixed screens the most frequently installed in Yorba Linda homes.  Fixed screens are permanent and remain in place year-round.  Motorized retractable screens, on the other hand, can be extended or retracted with a push of a button.

The way to determine which is best for your Yorba Linda home is to be cognizant of the pros and cons of each:

  • Fixed Screens:
    • Pros: Lower Price, Inexpensive to Maintain and Repair, and Look Great
    • Cons: Less Flexibility and Hard to Remove
  • Retractable Screens:
    • Pros: Eliminates the Need for a Door, Wide Openings, Seasonal, No Screen When You Do Not Need It, and the added ability to connect Two Porch Spaces.
    • Cons: More Expensive

Motorized Retractable Screens Can Be Custom Designed for Every Yorba Linda Home

Did you know it is possible to install a motorized retractable screen that will simply appear and disappear, either automatically or manually?  You can have one in your home today.  The Screen Queens are proud to offer the perfect screen system for indoor and outdoor living spaces.  Custom made, professionally installed, and artfully designed to provide you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, valuable protection from insects and privacy.

Genius ScreensPolar Shades Screens

Yorba Linda Retractable Screens

The Screen Queens have both types of screens available to fit your needs. Furthermore, we have a full line of retractable screen doors when standard screen doors are not feasible. When fresh air and bug infestations collide, it is time to install a retractable screen so you can enjoy the great outdoors.  You did not buy your Yorba Linda home and expect to stay inside continuously.

Call the Screen Queens and reclaim your Southern California backyard retreat.


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