Larson Screened Doors and Security Doors

Larson Security Screen Doors

Experience the Difference Open Your Home to Fresh Air this Spring

Why choose a LARSON Screen Product?

  • Easily fits most existing patios, garages, gazebos, lanai and entry doors.
  • Provides protection form airborne pests and UV rays.
  • Retractable screen models disappear into cassette when not in use.
  • Available in sizes from a single door to large opening with multiple screen options varying by model.

Large Openings screens can be the ideal solution for bi-folding, lift-n-slide and other large opening doors and windows.

Sizes can reach 315″ wide to 118″ high.

Medium opening screens offer both a side to side or a top down operation.

Widths extend to 108″ wide and 96″ high based on model.

The small screen opening offers several screen options.

Sizes available from 24″- 97″ wide
and 70″- 97″ high.