Majestec Security Door Screens

Majestec Security Screens

Majestec’s ‘invisible’ security screens physically secure your home, unlike security alarm systems, while maintaining complete outward visibility, natural airflow, and architectural appeal.
Unparalleled Security

Majestec’s premium stainless steel security mesh and hardware keep intruders out of your home. Unlike alarm systems and security cameras which mainly act as a psychological deterrent, Majestec Premium Security Screens provide a real physical barrier to protect you and your loved ones from unwanted intruders. Our custom made screens can secure every opening on your home, including all doors and windows.

Exceptional Design

Majestec Premium Security Screens come in 11 standard colors, as well as an almost endless choice of custom colors to complement your home’s decor, as if they’re not even there. Be it ultra minimal or opulent and luxurious, your style will shine through while keeping your home secure.

Green Alternative

Enjoy keeping your doors and windows open without compromising your family’s safety. Let that brisk afternoon breeze flow through your home, or that cool evening air refresh you after a hot summer day, even while you’re sleeping! Give your air conditioner a break. Save on energy costs while feeling secure.