Olympic Screens in Riverside

Olympic Screens for Riverside Homes

Olympic Screens from the Screen Queens in Riverside, CA

The view outside your home is one of the reasons you purchased it.  Enjoy the view and open your home to fresh, natural ventilation with the Olympic retractable screens from the Screen Queens.

Olympic retractable screens are perfectly designed for medium and large size openings to allow natural ventilation. Additionally, Olympic screens make the decision easy, they are the picture-perfect choice for patio enclosures, gazebos, garage doors, and other openings that are no larger than 10 feet tall and 16.5 feet wide!

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Features and Benefits of Olympic Screens – Riverside CA

Are Olympic screens the choice for your Riverside home? The Screen Queens have pulled together some features and benefits to help you solidify your choice.  We are focused on making the process as easy as possible.

  • Motorized Option – The motorized version comes with an easy-to-use, hand-held remote control. With the touch of a button, you can open or close the screen.  Can you think of a more wonderful feature, that is also extra convenient? Remotes are available in one or three channels.
  • Manual Option – The manual option is also simple and easy to use. Activation via a child-safe operating wand.
  • Custom Frames – Colors include White, Desert Tan, and Brownstone.
  • Custom Fabric – Charcoal Insect screen fabric is standard, upgrade to premium fabrics including Solar control Sheer Weave 100 (White), or European Solar
  • Control Fabric with 5% openness & 92%UV Blockage in Charcoal color.

The features are amazing, but the biggest benefit is a more common-sense reason to choose Olympic screens from the Screen Queens for your Riverside home.

Do you like insects?  Neither do we.  You know how infuriating it can be when insects invade your time outside.  Whether it be hungry mosquitos, flies that will not stop buzzing around your head and food, a cloud of gnats, cicadas that find their way into every space, or other pests, sometimes being outside is not a relaxing experience. However, when you have screens that keep these insects away, your time becomes a lot more enjoyable.

With these amazing features and benefits, why go with any other?

Olympic Screens Provide an Option for Your Riverside Home

Sometimes, the small things in life provide a moment to smile such as being outside and enjoying the fresh air whether it be alone with your favorite beverage, with your loved ones for a family dinner, or enjoying the company of friends.  As mentioned, insects often ruin the event and the reason we do not spend as much time outside as we would like to.  That is where retractable patio screens come in handy! Enjoy the protection when you need it, and then retract your pull-down porch screen when you do not.

Olympic Screens are a Perfect Addition to Any Riverside Home

Reach out to the Screen Queens, in Riverside, for your free consultation.  We will show you all the screen options available.  We believe you will quickly see the difference Olympic screens will make in your Riverside home.  Do not delay! 951-609-1239

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