Screen Queens has Proven It is the Industry’s Leading Provider of Polar Shades – Rainbow, CA

From Retractable Screen Doors and Drapery Tracks to Interior and Exterior Shades, the Screen Queens has solidly demonstrated they are the leading experts, in Rainbow,  who can deliver high-quality shades. Polar Shade products are manufactured in Nevada and of the highest quality verifying they are Made in the USA.

From Polar Shades, “The Polar Shades brand is built on providing the best-built products backed by the best warranties and customer service.”  Screen Queen holds the same philosophy of commitment. At Screen Queens, we execute every installation with the exceptional care you expect and strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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Polar Shades Made with Your Home in Mind – Rainbow

Every potentiality of home life has been methodically considered and integrated into the Polar Shade design. Polar Shades’ Shades are made from the highest quality textiles to provide a wide selection of fabrics, patterns, and designs. Natural, filtered light, as a design element, permits the illumination of your space from your new shades without letting in unwanted heat and sun glare.

How Polar Shades Work – Rainbow

As designed, Polar Shades’ fabrics will filter and disperse damaging UV rays. Why? UV rays can result in fading to occur on flooring, furnishings, and portraits in your Rainbow home. Technological innovations such as solar-blocking technologies, the fabrics effectively reduce energy consumption by keeping solar heat gain to a minimum and simultaneously reducing energy costs. A Polar Shade, from the Screen Queens, is an easy decision.

Assorted Fabric Colors – Rainbow

Lighter fabric colors redirect the sun’s rays, reducing the overall amount of heat absorption within the room. By lowering heat absorption, increased energy efficiency and cost savings are easily attained. Whereas lighter fabric colors often result in the increased possibility of damaging glare and reflection.

The key to eliminating UV rays is diffusing the light entering the room and eliminating glare. This is achieved by manufacturing lighter colors or aluminum finishes on the exterior side of the shade. The furnishing and fixtures within your Rainbow home will thank you.

The Screen Queens is proud to be the Polar Shade provider and installer for Rainbow and the surrounding area. We passionately believe in the products we offer, and we will not offer a product we would not put in our own homes. Your home is your sanctuary and keeping it cool, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing is extremely important.

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