Retractable Screen Door in La Cresta

Retractable Screen Doors for La Cresta Homes

Retractable Screen Doors Flexibility for La Cresta, CA Homes

The screen doors we fondly remember, from our childhood, had a fixed screen that needed the door to be closed during inclement weather and more.  New technology has changed all that.  The Screen Queens are proud to offer a new groundbreaking retractable screen door.  A custom retractable screen door that permits you to enjoy your La Cresta home year-round.

Retractable screen and traditional screen doors, what is the difference?  Retractable Screen Doors possess a screen that glides easily into place when needed and retracts just as easily.  Whereas, the screen is permanent on fixed screen doors.  The retractable screen door designs, offered by the Screen Queens, artfully retract away when not in use offering a clean, clear, unrestricted view of the La Cresta, CA landscape.  Your door type does not matter Single Door, French (Double) Doors, or a sliding door.  Our unique retractable screen doors are exceptional at keeping bugs out of your home without compromising your view!

Need just one or quite a few retractable screen doors? Contact the La Cresta screen specialists, at the Screen Queens, for a free consultation and estimate.


La Cresta Retractable Screen Doors – Features that Amaze

Features make the difference!  The features, of retractable screen doors from the Screen Queens, make them a must-have for La Cresta homeowners.  These features include.

  • Custom-fit to the exact size
  • Color-matched adjustable height handles.
  • Full-length magnetic seal
  • Speed reducer (brake) provides safety and controlled retraction
  • Sturdy pull bar
  • Cast metal
  • Outside/Surface mount installation.
  • Screen mesh options available.

A Viable Solution for French (Double ) Doors – La Cresta, CA

Instead of a single door, does your La Cresta home have French Doors?  French door owners have often found it difficult to locate a suitable screen solution.  Coincidentally, the search is much easier with the retractable screen door products from the Screen Queens.

French Doors contain two doors side by side; thus, it necessitates two retractable screen doors to be installed.  One cassette mounted screen on each side of the French Door opening and signature by the pulling together to meet at the center.  An effortless and sensible solution for French door homeowners!

The Veritable Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors for La Cresta Homes

Retractable screen doors contain screens that are present when you need them, yet they promptly retract and disappear when not needed.  Other benefits of retractable screen doors include:

  • Virtually Invisible – Screen disappears into protective housing when not in use.
  • Fits Virtually Any Opening – Smooth-sliding Genius screens fit almost any size door or window.
  • Safe and Easy to Use – Screen cassette protects the screen from dirt, ultraviolet light, and inclement weather. No need to remove screens in winter!
  • Quality – Components engineered to last with durable powder coating that is easy to clean.

Genius Retractable Screen Doors – Cool Model – from the Screen Queens

The Screen Queens are proud to provide the Genius – COOL Retractable Screen Doors.  These amazing screen doors provide La Cresta homeowners a choice with a fresh approach to traditional screens doors.  Similar to hinged screen doors, the COOL screen door allows fresh air to circulate into the home, without all the noise and slamming hassles commonly associated with traditional hinged screen doors.  The COOL model is a full-view screen that fully retracts when not in use, so it does not get in the way.

​The Genius Cool Retractable Screen Doors are ingeniously designed with simplicity of installation in mind.  Take a good look at this model and we can show you all the options available.

Retractable Screen Doors are a viable option for La Cresta and Southern California Homeowners.  Reach out to the Screen Queens today for a free consultation and estimate!


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