Retractable Screens in Murrieta

Retractable Screens in Murrieta

Retractable Screens, a Touch of a Button Away! – Murrieta, CA

You spent a lot on your Murrieta home for the furnishings to be damaged by unnecessary sunlight and heat.  Do blinds and curtains assist in the reduction of sunlight?  Yes, however, they are ineffective against the transferred into your home.

The Screen Queens, of Murrieta, CA, have an exceptional solution that will achieve a reduction in sunlight and unnecessary heat, while effectively reducing energy bills and maintaining and enhancing your home’s design.  The Screen Queens provide a free consultation and estimate upon request.  Contact us today!


Gorgeous Motorized Retractable Screens for Murrieta Homes

What if you could install a motorized retractable screen that will appear and disappear with a simple touch of a button.  Fortunately, it is no longer a fleeting wish, it is a reality.  You can have one in your home today.  The Screen Queens are proud to offer the perfect screen system for indoor and outdoor living spaces.  Custom made, professionally installed, and ingeniously designed to provide you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, valuable protection from insects and privacy.

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Fixed Screens vs Retractable Screens – What is the Difference?

There is an ongoing disagreement as to which type of screen is better, fixed, or retractable screen.  Some Murrieta homeowners are nonchalant and do not notice porch screens.  Others, however, deplore them and find screens to be distracting and unnecessary barriers separating them from their beautiful Murrieta view. Screens are a necessary barrier to protect you from mosquitoes and other unwanted bugs.

Your personal feelings and preference are what matters.  The Screen Queens are eager to make sure both are accomplished.  Both will play a crucial role in your decision between installing a fixed screen or a retractable screen system.

Fixed screens are the most traditional type.  These screens remain in place year-round.  Motorized retractable screens can be extended or retracted with a push of a button.

The way to determine which is optimal, for your Murrieta home, is to understand the pros and cons of each:

  • Fixed Screens:
    • Pros: Lower Price, Inexpensive to Maintain and Repair, and Look Great
    • Cons: Less Flexibility and Hard to Remove
  • Retractable Screens:
    • Pros: Eliminates the Need for a Door, Wide Openings, Seasonal, No Screen When You Do Not Need It, and the added ability to connect Two Porch Spaces.
    • Cons: More Expensive

Murrieta Retractable Screens

The Screen Queens have both types of screens available to fit your needs. Furthermore, we have a full line of retractable screen doors when standard screen doors are not feasible. When fresh air and bug infestations collide, it is time to install a retractable screen so you can enjoy the great outdoors.  You did not buy your Murrieta home and expect to stay inside continuously.

Call the Screen Queens and reclaim your Southern California backyard retreat.


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