Sol-Lux Window Awnings in Norco

Sol-Lux Window Awnings in Norco

What are Sol-Lux Window Awnings? – Norco, CA

Windows permit the sun to bring the splendor and magnificence, of Norco, CA, into your home.  Regrettably, windows also permit heat, glare, and sun damage.  Installing high-quality window awnings will assist in combating the negative effects.

Specifically, quality window awnings, from Sol-Lux, prevent harmful sun rays from entering your home without obstructing your view.  Yes, blinds and curtains block sunlight, but they are not efficient against the heat.  Sol-Lux awnings are specifically designed to provide shade sunlight from coming through your window, which subsequently keeps the heat outside where it belongs.  Reducing the heat entering your home substantially reduces the energy consumption of your Norco home while delivering additional protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.

The Screen Queens are specialists in Sol-Lux Window Awnings and trusted among Norco home and business owners.  Reach out to us today for a free consultation and estimate. . 951-609-1239

Sol-Lux Window Awning – An Innovative Awning for Norco Homes and Businesses

The regrettable feature of windows is their failure to protect your home from powerful UV rays due to overexposure to sunlight its resulting negative results: heat, higher cooling bills, and sun damage.

Screen Queens is proud to offer the innovative window awnings, by Sol-Lux, to home and businesses in Norco, CA.  These awnings are expertly designed to save time and money via their innovative solar-powered automatic awning system.  This window accouterment is custom-built and designed for your home, providing protection and aesthetic appeal using free solar power.

Exceptionally user-friendly, Sol-Lux window awnings are equipped with smart technology with several automatic features:

  • Extension during sunlight
  • Retraction in the evening or temperature drop
  • Retraction during high winds
  • Additional sensitivity settings based on the weather

Maximum energy efficiency is the objective of this innovative awning.  Window awnings, from Sol-Lux, are the only window awnings outfitted with state-of-the-art smart technology allowing for extension and retraction automatically!  Your new awning’s settings can be adjusted via Bluetooth using the free Sol-Lux app on your smart device.

The Benefits of Installing a Sol-Lux Window Awning – Norco, CA

Every Sol-Lux window awning, from the Screen Queens, is custom made to make sure you receive the perfect fit for your windows and complement the exterior décor of your Norco home.   With over 13,000 possible color combinations to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect awning.  Sol-Lux warranties the entire Eos product for 3 years and the Sunbrella Marine-Grade fabric used on the awnings has a 10-year warranty!

The benefits do not stop there.  Here are a few more:

  • 100% Solar powered – The window awning responds to the sun’s rays
  • Automatic design to respond appropriately to inclement weather
  • Reduction in harmful UV rays – Hundreds in annual savings
  • Customization for every home
  • Energy cost reduction resulting from decreased sun heat exposure.
  • Over 180 powder coat case color choices
  • Over 70 Marine-grade Sunbrella fabric color options
  • Mobile app mode settings for vacation, light adjustment, wind, and temperature sensitivity for automatic operation
  • Mobile app manual control for instant extension and retraction
  • Sun blockage not your spectacular view of Norco

When the Screen Queens come to your home, we can bring sample color swatches to assist in the accuracy of color and size of your new Sol-Lux Window Awnings.  Hassle-free installation from the Screen Queens.

Norco Sol-Lux Window Awnings

Lower your energy costs and protect your furniture and flooring from fading and deterioration.  Consider the positive addition, of a Sol-Lux window awning from the Screen Queens, to your home in Norco.  Contact the Screen Queens today to schedule your appointment for a free estimate!  You will not be disappointed.


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