Window Screen in Canyon Lake

Window Screens for Canyon Lake Homes

Window Screens Protecting Windows in Canyon Lake, CA Homes

Your home windows are your window to the world around your Canyon Lake home.  With a home surrounded by this much beauty, opening a window and letting some air in only sounds natural.  You cannot do that if your screen needs repair or you do not have one. Opening the windows is still a possibility if you like bugs in your home.  We do not like this option either.

Whether your window screens need repair or replacement, the Screen Queens can help! The purpose of window screens is to protect your Canyon Lake home from bugs and the environment while providing a gorgeous view.  Call today for a free estimate!


Window Screen Benefits – Canyon Lake, CA

When purchasing window screens, they need to have functionality that coincides with your needs and expectations.  This is particularly important in the decision as to what type of screen is right.  Additionally, the appearance and condition of window screens are often a good indicator of the overall state of the home.

Did you know?  Window screens provide an exceptional view, improved light transmission, excellent curb appeal, protection from pesky insects, and increase daytime privacy.  The secret is in the fabric.  The fabric is specifically designed to achieve the above while saving energy and protecting your home’s furnishings.

The Screen Queens are professional window screen installers.  We perform adjustments and re-screening for window and door screens on-site, for both residential and commercial locations in the Canyon Lake, CA, and the surrounding area.

Variety of Screen Choices Available in Canyon Lake

When it becomes time to replace your home’s window screens, your choices are not limited.  We can custom fit any window and door.  The Screen Queens offer a variety of traditional and specialty screen choices for doors and windows. Custom window screens go well above their traditional purpose.  What are some of the choices available?

  • Low visibility
  • Glare and sun control
  • Pet resistant screens
  • Colored screens
  • Retractable screens

To increase your choices, we have a large variety of colored screens, to compliment your Canyon Lake home’s decor.  Sometimes, the window screens need to be hidden or put away, that is why we have introduced the amazing retractable option.  Retractable screens allow you, the homeowner, to hide away the screen from view when not in use.

Hiding away the screens allows for a better view and more accessible window cleaning. Not all windows require retractable screens.

Canyon Lake Window Screens – Customized for Every Home

The Screen Queens want to make sure the job is done right the first time and we only want your total satisfaction. We will measure your windows and provide a full estimate.

Contact us today to learn more about our available Canyon Lake window screens!  Free Estimates!


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